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You will probably agree that most of the atrocities, disputes and violence that we see now were not heard of during the earlier days and we feel a sort of lonesomeness and lack of support from the community, when we face a dispute. We always hoped that someone will support us in resolving our disputes early.

What really cause these conflicts and issues? In the olden days the society was more connected and the relationships were more caring and people had the time to help and take care of persons who faced conflicts.

But when people became busy with their work and lifestyles and when they became more urbanized, we lost the persons who had time, knowledge and empathy to hear the disputants and help them to resolve it, and thereby resolve it then and there and stopping the negative factor from growing and widening its fangs, blowing it into a fight, causing loss to both parties and their loved ones. We can see that most of the criminal cases have its origin from a trivial civil or personal issue, which could be sorted out at the beginning, if someone had intervened at the beginning.

Let us see why we became unconcerned about the issues faced by our neighbours and society. When life becomes more isolated, stressful and self centered conflicts and problems arise. When disputes and its resolution became more formal and institutionalized, we began depending upon them ignoring our capacity to resolve the same.

But now the institutions are not able to come to our rescue when we need it. It has become overburdened with cases and justice delivery is becoming delayed and costly.

We don't need any scientific study to prove all these. The facts are before us. So what will we do about all these?

We need to start taking control of resolving our disputes. People have to empower themselves and the community has to take charge of their disputes. We need to understand that if we can create disputes, we can also resolve them.

We have decided to tackle this challenge. There is a culture of conflict which influences how we respond to it. This is where the culture of mediation evolves. It seeks to bring about a deeper level of understanding and empowerment through honest communication about the causes of the dispute and allow the parties to decide how and whether to end it. Join the exclusive community of people who takes a Pledge to resolve disputes by mediation and to help people to resolve their disputes.

If we tell you that there is going to be a war or a natural disaster is going to hit your town tomorrow, you will panic, right?, and you will do everything possible to save your life and that of your loved ones, because that is the human instinct, to protect ourselves in emergency life threatening situations. But if I tell you that your friend who was killed because of an escalated civil dispute or your cousin who got divorced or your relative who was sent to jail because of a misunderstanding, would not have faced it if there was someone who could have intervened in that dispute or could have averted it by talking to the other side, would you take an action now to protect your life and the lives of your loves ones now, as if a natural disaster is upon you – a disaster with far-reaching and long-lasting effect?

So today we would like to invite you to be part of the revolution, because we want to do this together and make this world a better and more honest place.